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Haul Aways

Haul-away services includes any of the following:

  • Disconnecting from any existing fixtures

  • Moving or relocating an existing unit in the installation site to another location on the premises

  • Removing an existing unit from the premises altogether.

Customers may request a cancellation of haul-away service(s) at any time prior to Frontline Appliances' installers commencement of disconnecting the appliance hookups. In this event, the Customer is responsible for disconnecting and removing the unit(s) prior to arrival of Frontline Appliances' installers. This action will result in cancellation of haul-away service and therefore a refund for such service (ALL refund amounts are subject to a 5% processing fee).

Customers may request that the Installer(s) leave the haul-away unit on the premise without refund for haul-away service fees.

Immediately upon being loaded onto the company vehicle, Frontline Appliances assumes possession and ownership of the unit(s) with the unit(s) becoming property of Frontline Appliances. The customer may not request the unit(s) be returned to their possession in the event that this occurs.

Unit Pickups & DIY Installations


  • Pickups must be scheduled in 15-minute windows to ensure Frontline Appliances' staff is present and available to load units safely.

  • Customers may not load units themselves and must bring their own means to secure their load (e.g. straps).

  • Customers or agents picking up merchandise must present a photo ID.

  • The merchandise will only be released to individuals whose name is on the invoice and verified with a photo ID.

  • Customers or agents transport all merchandise at their own risk, using their own secured transport materials.

  • All products are inspected before transport and do not qualify for return or damage discounts after the product is released from the warehouse or store.

DIY Installation Policy

  • Customers must properly install all power cords & wiring, water and drain hoses, ensure proper ventilation (for installing dryers), and balance and level all units to ensure proper operation.

  • Failure to do so may result in required remediate warranty service, for which the customer will be subject to a $120 service charge. This includes warranty calls due to user error, faulty or non-operational electrical wiring or plumbing, improper installation, or if the appliance proves to be working as intended.

  • Failure to pay this service charge will render the remainder of the warranty NULL and VOID.


In-store Purchases

Customers must provide a valid government-issued ID, such as a driver's license or passport, which matches the name on the payment card used for the purchase.

Online Purchases

Customers must provide a copy of their government-issued ID to our Customer Solutions or Delivery Team at time of delivery or pickup along with the card used to make the purchase. Failure to do so will result in cancellation.


  • The customer must be present at the time of delivery and must provide a valid government-issued ID, which matches the name on the purchase order.

  • If the customer is unable to provide a valid ID, we reserve the right to refuse delivery.



The following fees apply in the event a product is returned or order is cancelled due to any reasons listed in the "Customer Requirements Prior to Day of Delivery" 

  • 25% restocking fee (this includes the 5% refund processing fee)

  • Previously collected delivery and travel fees are non-refundable​

In the event a product is returned and service is rescheduled due to due to any reasons listed in the "Customer Requirements Prior to Day of Delivery" the Customer will incur additional travel and delivery fees.

Customer Requirements Prior to Day of Delivery

  1. Connections: Please confirm that your appliance connections are either gas (natural or LP) or electric. To ensure safety new gas line installation and drain pans for multi-floor washer installations (service not provided by Frontline) are mandatory. If the designated space or connections need replacement, repair, or do not meet installation requirements, appliances will not be installed or connected. Frontline Appliances will not be responsible or reimburse for any required or suggested modifications, product, property, existing faulty/old connections, or damage costs.

  2. Measurements of Pathway & Designated Space: Prior to the day of delivery, it is the customer's responsibility to measure the exact cutout size (H x W x D) required for the appliance and confirm that it fits according to the product guide dimensions. The product dimensions can be obtained in-store or by searching for the product model number at The customer should also inspect the existing cabinets, walls, baseboards, flooring, doors, counters, plumbing, and electric connections that could hinder the installation or use of the appliance. Additionally, they should measure and inspect the interior and exterior doorways, passageways, paths, and stairways to ensure that the appliance can be safely transported to the designated space without any damage to the product or personal property. It is important to note that the products should not be disassembled (except for refrigerator/freezer doors) or lifted/carry over obstructions such as kitchen islands, walls, shrubs, or furniture.

  3. Appointment Scheduling: Scheduling will not take place until units and services are fully paid for. Any additional requests made after the initial delivery, installation, or drop-off is completed, such as door swing reversals, icemaker installations, and laundry stacking, will incur additional delivery or installation charges and will require rescheduling.

  4. Cancellations & Rescheduling: If a scheduled installation is dropped off and not installed on the initial scheduled date, an additional delivery charge will be applied. Cancellations and reschedules must be requested by 5PM prior to the date of service. Failure to cancel or reschedule by this time will result in a $40 fee.

  5. Signer: The person making the purchase, or an authorized representative who is at least 18 years old and approved by the purchaser, must be present at the delivery site to accept the terms and conditions and verify that the merchandise is undamaged and in good condition.

Delivery Only

We deliver your unit to the nearest location to the final installation site and staged in an area prior to any of the following conditions:

  • Accessibility: entryways, passages, gates etc. with insufficient dimensions where the unit does NOT fit without requiring removal of any components of the unit and/or removal or any modification including removal of any gates or doors.

  • If the route to the installation site includes any area where there is MORE than one (1) 6-inch step.

  • If transporting the product includes the possibility of damaging walls, decorations, or any other features of the home.

  • Any maneuvering of the product reasonably requiring more than one person to accomplish (e.g., rough terrain, gravel, loose dirt, etc.). Customers may not attempt to assist our installation team due to liability

Delivery & Installation

We will bring your unit inside and connect it to any appropriately designated existing fixtures (i.e. wall outlets, water supply, and/or vent ducts) using our provided standard hookups. Any installation requiring hookups other than our standard provided hookups must be purchased and provided by the customer and must be available to the installers at the time of installation. In this event, failure to have these hookups readily available will result in an incomplete installation without refund for services.


Customer must ensure that there is a clear pathway to and from the installation site.

Pets must be secured for safety.

Installation site must be 100% ready for unit installation. Customer may request the product be left inside (provided that installation fees have been previously paid for) without full installation. In this event, customer may install themselves or may request installation service for a fee of $98 plus any applicable travel fees. 

Frontline Appliances LLC and its representatives are not responsible or liable for any issues that the property may encounter during service. This includes but is not limited to; leaking water valves, broken water or gas valves, faulty electrical outlets, or any other plumbing issues that are beyond the scope of the installation or technician services as agreed upon. Such issues may result from age, faulty workmanship, and/or "wear-and-tear". Any required repairs beyond the unit’s power cord, ventilation ducts, water supply hoses, or drain hoses are not the responsibility nor are serviceable by Frontline Appliances or its representatives.


Unlike most appliance retail stores, we include all necessary hookups for installation. All hookups are in BRAND NEW condition with the exception of dryer and range power cords which may be in either New or Certified condition. We provide ONLY the standard hookups listed below:

  • 4' standard washing machine water hoses.

  • 3' (4" diameter) flex vent hoses.

  • 4' 30-amp dryer and range 3-prong or 4-prong power cords.

  • 3' gas lines

Warranty on Appliance Purchases


Warranty coverage begins on date of purchase shown on receipt. Warranties are limited to the appliance ONLY and will not extend to any collateral or peripheral damage, loss, injury, economic or otherwise, that may result from the operation, installation, or failure of the appliance. Parts & labor are 100% covered meaning there are NO DEDUCTIBLES. Repairs will be conducted at the sole discretion of Frontline Appliances (FLA). Replacement parts may be in Used, Remanufactured, or New condition, and are verified upon installation to function properly. 

Cosmetic damage such as cracked bins or shelving, discoloration, rust, and any repairs caused by negligence or misuse are NOT covered. 


Customers will be subject to a $120 service charge for warranty calls due to user error, faulty or non-operational electrical wiring or plumbing, improper installation, or if the appliance proves to be working as intended. Failure to pay this service charge will render the remainder of the warranty NULL and VOID. 


Any warranty will be IMMEDIATELY voided by any evidence of using the appliance for other than its intended purpose, abuse, damage, bug infestation, flooding, or attempted unauthorized repairs by any party not affiliated with FLA.



We guarantee a three (3) business day visit for all warranty service appointments with the exception of non-cooling refrigerators which are considered emergent by OUR standards and are therefore guaranteed a next business day appointment. We strive to personally handle all of our repairs, but some may be outsourced to third-party repair companies.

In-home warranty repair services are limited to 19 miles from Frontline Appliances' place of business (1420 S Alvernon Way Tucson, AZ 85711) at no charge. Warranty repairs for products outside of the 19-mile area may be serviced but will incur corresponding travel fees based on total distance from FLA place of business. Customers outside of the operating area can also elect to bring their products into our workshop at their expense for in-shop repair by our certified technicians.


If we can't fix it, we will replace it! Replacement may be a New, Open-Box, or Refurbished product, within reasonably comparable features and value and subject to customer approval. Any price difference between the originally purchased product (minus discounts, extended warranties, hookups, and services) and the replacement product is paid for by customer or refunded (ALL refund amounts are subject to a 5% processing fee). A new warranty term will begin on the date of receipt of the replaced product.

Transferring Warranty

Any remaining warranty coverage is transferable to the new owner of the same product(s) and subject to the same terms and conditions.


Appliance & Hookup Returns

Thank you for choosing Frontline Appliances. We are committed to your satisfaction and want to ensure that you are completely happy with your purchase. If you are not satisfied with your product, we offer a hassle-free return process for eligible items.

Our Customer Solutions Representatives are available to help you select the right product for your needs and application. We encourage you to take advantage of their expertise before making your purchase to ensure that you are satisfied with your selection.

If you need to return a product, please note the following policies:

Defective Products: Most of our products come with an in-house parts and labor warranty. If your product is defective upon arrival, please notify our Customer Solutions Representatives within 48 hours. Our team will help set up a warranty service visit to repair the item. If you reject this service, you will be liable for a 20% restocking fee plus a 5% refund processing fee if a credit/debit card was used for the purchase.

The Product Does Not Meet Your Needs: If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return the item(s) within  fourteen (14) days from date of purchase with the inclusion of a 20% restocking fee and an additional processing fee on total refund amount (ALL credit/debit card refund amounts are subject to a 5% processing fee). 

  • Please note that any returned products must be free of any cosmetic damage and in their original packaging.

  • Products that do not meet these requirements may not be eligible for return or may incur a restocking fee.

  • Customers are responsible for shipping charges incurred when returning a product.

Damaged Products: Units damaged by customers will not be eligible for return or refund. 

The customer agrees to the terms and conditions published above when they place a completed order with Frontline Appliances. In addition, the customer authorizes their credit card company to abide by these terms. We reserve the right to cancel orders at any time.

If you have any questions about our return policy, please contact us at the phone number or email address found on our Contact Us page.

Returned items will be inspected upon receipt by the Frontline Appliances representative and must be found to be in the same condition as purchased to be eligible for refund.


Parts Returns

All parts sales are FINAL; there are no refunds or exchanges available for any parts purchased by the customer from Frontline Appliances. 


  • Service fees such as Delivery, Installation, Haul Away, Warranty, etc. are NON-refundable.

  • Refunds for checks will be issued 14 business days after the deposit date to the individual listed on the original purchase order or invoice.

  • Cash and gift card refunds will be issued via check.

  • ALL Debit and credit card refunds are subject to a 5% processing fee regardless of reason for refund. Refunds will be issued to the original card on file used to purchase units. Credit card refunds take at least 14 business days to reflect in your account.

  • The customer will be responsible for all costs associated with payment or property recovery, including attorneys' fees and collection expenses.

In-Shop Repairs

In-shop repair diagnostic fees must be paid for at or before time of drop-off. All drop-offs require an appointment; failure to schedule an appointment may result in delay of service. Any unit not picked up within three (3) days from date of drop-off will be considered abandoned by the customer and will at this point become property of Frontline Appliances and may therefore be refurbished for sale or disposed of. Any and all paid Diagnostic and Repair costs are non-refundable. ​

Appliance Repair Services

Prepaid Repair Diagnostic Fee Payment 

All customers are required to pay the $120 service fee and any applicable travel fees 48 hours prior to their scheduled service date. This helps us allocate our technicians' time and resources appropriately, and avoid any delays or cancellations that may affect other paying customers. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring timely payment to minimize any inconvenience.


Warranty on (Paid) Repair Services

We provide a one-year warranty on all parts and labor related to the appliance repair. This warranty is valid only for the same issue that was originally called for, and not for any new issues that may arise after the repair. If the repair is not successful or the same issue resurfaces, we offer a money-back guarantee.


Appointment Cancellations and Rescheduling

If a customer needs to cancel or reschedule their appointment, they must do so by 5 PM prior to the date of service. Failure to cancel or reschedule by this time will result in a $40 fee, which must be paid before further services can be provided. Additionally, failure to pay the cancellation fee may result in the customer being unable to receive services from us in the future.

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